Curious about who’s behind a’Dhoré? You’re right! For coaching it’s important there’s a click and that you’re able to share everything with me. My name is Arsha Dhore. I shine when I see that you have achieved what you wanted to achieve. As a coach I help people who lose themselves in all demands. I learn them to make choices with their mind, heart and gut feeling.

From a young age on I let my work consist of the things I like to do most. And if that wasn’t possible or even unreachable, I had an alternative or made a detour. In the various roles I have performed or still perform I’m always looking for what energizes me and how I can create something beautiful.

In 2013 I got out of balance. Together with my coach I put things back into perspective. Yes indeed, I also have a coach. Cause behind every good coach is a coach. Someone lovingly but clearly confronting you to look into that mirror. But your main coach remains life itself. And I? I especially try to stir up your fire, so that you are able to find your passion and the things giving you energy. Because that’s ultimately what it’s all about: getting energy!